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Boards and Committees

General Information

The Municipal Services Appeals Board ("the Board") is an independent statutory body established under the Municipal Services Appeals Board Ordinance, Cap. 220, in August 1990. The function of the Board is to hear and determine any appeal to the Board from the Licensing Appeals Board or an administrative decision from which an appeal lies to the Board under any Ordinance, such as refusal of the issue of a liquor licence, suspension of a restaurant licence, termination of the tenancy of a market stall and etc.



(Appointed by the Chief Executive)

At present, the Board consists of a Chairman, seven Vice-chairmen and 58 panel members.


Mr. Anson WONG Man-kit, SC


Ms. Cynthia CHUNG Wing-suet

Mr. Lawrence HUI Cheuk-lun

Miss Sylvia LEE Hiu-wah

Mr. Stewart WONG Kai-ming, SC

Dr. William WONG Ming-fung, SC, JP

Mr. Charles WONG Tuk-ching

Ms. Anita YIP Hau-ki, SC


Panel Members

Ms. AU Chor-kwan

Miss Teresa AU Man-yee

Ms. AU Yat-nam

Mr. CHAN Fu-ming, MH

Mr. CHAN Hok-fung, MH, JP

Mr. CHAN Wai-ming, MH, JP

Ms. Wendy CHAN

Dr. CHEUK Chi-yin

Mr. CHIU Chi-keung, BBS

Mr. CHO Wui-hung, MH

Ms. Alice CHOW Kin-tak

Dr. Jennifer CHOW Kit-bing, BBS, MH

Mr. CHOW Yick-hay, BBS, JP

Mr. CHOW Yuk-tong, SBS, MH

Ms. Karen CHU Ho-yan

Mr. Ivan CHU Siu-lun

Ms. Denise HO Suk-chun

Ms. Vickie HO Wai-kei

Mr. HUNG Kam-in, MH

Ms. HUNG Kam-ying

Ms. Lusan HUNG Lo-shan

Mr. Chris IP Ngo-tung, JP

Dr. Shirley IP Pui-seung

Mr. IP Tin-yau, MH

Ms. Wingkie Lauren LAI Wing-han

Mr. Joe LAI Wing-ho, MH

Mr. Peter LAU Ching-wai

Miss Vivian LAU Sio-kuan

Mr. LAW King-shing, BBS, MH, JP

Ms. Christina Maisenne LEE

Mr. Lothar LEE Hung-sham, BBS, MH

Miss Sabrina LEUNG Heung-ying

Mr. LEUNG Kin-man, BBS, MH, JP

Ms. Judy LEUNG Wai-chu

Mr. LI Tak-hong, BBS, MH, JP

Dr. Emmy LI Yuen-mei

Mr. Keith MAK Ka-hon

Ms. MUN Lee-ming

Mr. Stephen NG Kam-chun, BBS, MH, JP

Mr. Thomas PANG Cheung-wai, SBS, JP

Ms. Samanta PONG Sum-yee

Mr. PUN Kwok-wah, JP

Mr. SHUM Ho-kit, JP

Ms. SIN Wing-chiu

Mr. SO Sai-chi, SBS, MH

Ms. Ada TSE Koon-hang

Dr. Paul TSUI Hon-yan

Mr. Wesley WAN Wai-hei, MH

Mr. WONG Kin-pan, BBS, MH, JP

Dr. WONG King

Ms. WONG Shu-ming, MH

Mr. Rex WONG Siu-han

Mr. WONG Wai-kit, MH

Mr. WONG Wai-shun, MH

Dr. Isaac YIP Pui-lam

Mr. David YIP Wing-shing, SBS, MH, JP

Mr. YU Hon-kwan, MH, JP

Dr. Paul YUNG Pui-yip


Ms. Connie CHAN


Appeals to the Board

Lodging of an appeal

Any person (hereinafter referred to as the appellant) who is aggrieved by a decision made by the Licensing Appeals Board or certain administrative decision from which an appeal lies to the Board under any Ordinance, may appeal to the Board, within the time limit specified in the relevant Ordinance, by completing the appeal form (sample [pdf file]) and/or the authorisation form (sample [pdf file]). The appellant should submit the duly completed appeal form by post or by hand to the Board Secretary (Address: Room 321, 3/F, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong).

After an appeal has been accepted by the Board, the respondent (i.e. the decision authority against whose decision has been appealed) will be required to serve on the appellant and any other person who is bound by the decision appealed against, and lodge with the Board, within 28 days a statement setting out the findings of fact with evidence in support thereof and the reasons for the decision. The appellant may make written representations on the statement to the Board within a specified period.

To avoid delayed or unsuccessful delivery of mail items to the Board, appellants and other relevant parties should ensure that their mail items bear sufficient postage before posting.  They are responsible for any consequences arising from insufficient postage.  (Link to Hongkong Post)


Notice of Hearing

Notice of hearing will be served on the appellant, respondent and other parties to an appeal not less than two weeks prior to the date set for the hearing.


Hearing of an appeal

For the purposes of any appeal made to it, the Board is to be constituted by the Chairman or the Vice-chairman together with two panel members to hear and determine each appeal. The hearing shall be in public except in special circumstances. The hearing may be conducted in the English or Chinese language or both as the Board thinks fit. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided to the parties to the appeal if necessary.

The appellant, respondent or other parties to an appeal may be present at the hearing and make representations either in person or by counsel or solicitor or, with the consent of the Board, by some other person.

The Board may receive and consider any material, whether by way or oral evidence, written statements, documents or otherwise, even though such materials would not be admissible in evidence in civil or criminal proceedings. If necessary, the Board may examine on oath, affirmation or otherwise any person attending before it and require such person to answer all questions put by or with the consent of the Board.

In case of inclement weather (such as Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal or Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory) during a hearing day, the Board will handle the scheduled hearing according to the arrangements laid down in the Notice (arrangements [pdf file]).



On determination of an appeal, the Board shall affirm, vary or set aside the administrative decision or the appeal board decision and, where it sets aside the administrative decision or the appeal board decision, it shall substitute its own decision.

The Board shall give reasons in writing for its decisions, and those reasons shall include its findings on material questions of fact and a reference to the evidence or other material on which those findings were based.

The Secretary to the Board shall serve a copy of the Board's decision and of the reasons for the decision on the parties to the appeal.

By virtue of section 10(1) of the Municipal Services Appeals Board Ordinance, the hearing of an appeal to the Board shall be held in public unless the Board orders otherwise in exercise of its powers under section 10(2).  Hearing schedules and Decisions of the Board (including the names and identities of the parties mentioned therein and the subject matters of appeals) given in, or in respect of, public hearings are information in the public domain and will be made available in the website of the Board for public access.  If a party to an appeal wishes to apply for a hearing to be held in private, he should make an application in writing to the Board hearing the appeal.  All hearings before the Board will be set down for hearing in public unless the Board has ordered or directed the same to be held in private.


Public Zone (Written Decision)


(The above is an introduction of the Board. Reference may be made to the Municipal Services Appeals Board Ordinance, Cap. 220, for more detailed information.)



Secretariat of the Municipal Services Appeals Board

Any enquiries relating to appeal cases before the Municipal Services Appeals Board should be made to the Board in writing by fax or by post.  Email enquiries on or relating to appeal cases will not be entertained by the Board.  General enquiry not relating to appeal cases may be made by email to:

Please note that the Municipal Services Appeals Board does not entertain and will not reply to anonymous enquiries.


Chairmen Zone Chairmen Zone (Restricted Access)