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To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, only one person may accompany each Unrepresented Litigant at the Scheme Office.

Unrepresented Litigants and accompanying persons should also observe the preventive measures of the Judiciary (such as wearing a surgical mask) when visiting the Scheme Offices which are housed in the court building. For details, please browse the Judiciary’s website (

Public Services

Legal Advice Scheme for Unrepresented Litigants on Civil Procedures (Procedural Advice Scheme)


The Procedural Advice Scheme

  • provides free legal advice on civil procedural matters for unrepresented litigants who commence or are parties to legal proceedings in the following Courts (including commencement of proceedings) but not including civil proceedings in other tribunals;
  • Court of Final AppealCourt of Appeal of the High CourtCourt of First InstanceFamily CourtDistrict Court Lands Tribunal

  • will not provide advice on merits of cases or act as legal representative; and
  • operates on a “first-come-first-served” basis.

Please see examples of advice given and areas not covered by the Procedural Advice Scheme here.


Service is available for unrepresented litigants who -


have not been granted legal aid and have not engaged lawyers; and


satisfy the Procedural Advice Scheme's income eligibility limit* of not exceeding a monthly income of $50,000 or an annual income of $600,000.

* The income of an applicant's spouse, where applicable, will be counted towards the limit, unless the spouse is the opposite party of the proceedings or the applicant and the spouse are living separate and apart.


Advice Sessions

Advice sessions are attended by Resident Lawyers of the Scheme or Community Lawyers (i.e. volunteer lawyers).

The Scheme will arrange eligible applicants to attend Advice Session (AS) of no more than 30 minutes. Applicants may attend a maximum of five ASs every three months for the same case.


How to Apply

  • Application must be made in person at the Procedural Advice Scheme Office. Applicants must provide identification documents.
  • Applicants who are parties or wish to join as parties to the civil proceedings must provide relevant and recent court documents.
  • To assess eligibility of the applicants, applicants are required to complete an application form (Click here) or re-application form (Click here) each time they seek legal advice.
  • Provided that the legal advice sought by the applicants is within the scope of the Scheme, eligible applicants will wait for their turn to attend the Advice Sessions. Most Advice Sessions are conducted within the same day.


The Procedural Advice Scheme Office


Admiralty Office
Room LG217, LG2/F, High Court Building, 38 Queensway, Hong Kong.

Wanchai Office
Room 437, 4/F, Wanchai Tower, 12 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Office Hours

8:45 am to 1:00 pm
2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays)

Cut-off time for accepting applications for each half day is at 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm respectively.


2259 5017



Poster and Pamphlets

Procedural Advice Scheme Poster (Click here)

Procedural Advice Scheme Pamphlet in English (Click here)

Procedural Advice Scheme Pamphlet in Ethnic Minorities Languages
(Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Nepali, Punjabi, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese)


Community Lawyers

Lawyers who have at least two years' post-qualification experience and holding a current practicing certificate are eligible to enrol as Community Lawyers (CLs) of the Procedural Advice Scheme in their personal capacity on a pro bono basis.

Law firms can also participate in the Procedural Advice Scheme and assign eligible lawyers to enrol as CLs.

The enrolment form for individual lawyers can be downloaded here. The enrolment form for participating law firms can be downloaded here. The enrolment is a continuous exercise and registration is welcome any time of the year.


Terms and Conditions of the Procedural Advice Scheme (Click here)

* The terms and conditions of the Procedural Advice Scheme are subject to change without prior notice.